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Scheduling, task processing of the technicians, warehouse management and transport means deployment

Maintain of wind turbines to ensure the most trouble-free operation possible and organize operational management in a cost-efficient way. The GS-Service Software Suite provides operators and service providers with targeted support in planning, controlling and documenting a wide range of tasks for Wind turbines and entire Windfarms.

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We provide solutions for

  • Real-time reports and automatic report generation
  • Coordination of all service, repair and expert specialist teams
  • Planning and planning control with dashboards
  • Documentation and knowledge database

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Our customers manage with GS-Service

Manage and schedule tasks

During operation, status messages are generated via the Central Control System, resulting in a troubleshooting task, for example. These tasks require a high priority in the daily planning. Recurring inspections and defect rectification orders that have already been planned are also scheduled.

A wind farm can quickly accumulate several hundred tasks that need to be processed.  The site manager/dispatcher is responsible for determining which repairs and maintenance are to be carried out specifically on the next day and in the next few days. He has to consider all necessary parameters in the task management.

A controlled and good overview of accessible technicians and teams, available spare parts and means of transport enable efficient deployment planning. Due to the large number of installations the site manager also has to monitor the spatial distribution of employees so that Travel times are as short as possible and the sequence of operations is carried out in the most economical way.

Core features of our software

RDS-PP Structure Library

The RDS-PP structure has become established in wind farm management for the identification of the plant structure and components. The Reference Designation System for Power Plants (RDS-PP for short) is the further development of the Power Plant Designation System (KKS) with extensions for new technologies in electricity and heat generation.

Certificate check of employees

In the area of HSE (Health and Safety Executive), consistent control of personal training and certificates is necessary. One can immediately recognize which employee needs to renew important courses. The software system provides timely reminders of relevant dates.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

The legally required regular safety inspections of all personal equipment ensure a high standard of safety. Each check is electronically documented and automatically rescheduled according to the period of validity.

Electrical testing of portable equipment in accordance with authority regulations

The testing of portable electrical equipment (small equipment testing) according to authority regulations in the sense of the accident prevention regulation applies to all objects which, as a whole or in individual parts, serve to apply electrical energy. Each test is documented in the system and automatically rescheduled according to the period of validity.

Capacity calculation for planned operations

The availability of the employees depending on their individual qualifications and quantity of planned work orders enables a capacity calculation to determine the utilization of resources.

Shift planning as daily or weekly planning

The disposition of the task forces and the distribution of the teams is done via a partly automated planning board where relevant information can be provided.

Route optimization for deployment planning

In onshore deployment plans, an automatic optimization of the route is performed, this means that the deployment sites can be approached in a more efficient sequence. The travel times are directly taken into account during deployment planning.

Preparation of customs lists and operational documents

For offshore operations, depending on the location of the wind farm, various documents are usually created automatically before the journey, these serve as orientation for the captain, but also as official documents, e.g. for customs or other authorities.

Work preparation and warehouse management

The warehouse operator receives a commission list prior to the assignment and compiles the required materials and spare parts for each team. A barcode-controlled warehouse app supports him in this.

Control of external service providers

A separate web portal enables communication with external service providers, work orders can be created and processed, before an order is dispatched, it passes through various approval processes.

Troubleshooting through messages from SCADA systems

Unplanned jobs usually result from error tickets in the condition monitoring system, work orders can be generated automatically and displayed to the site manager for planning.Unplanned jobs usually result from error tickets in the condition monitoring system, work orders can be generated automatically and displayed to the site manager for planning.


Particularly for emergency coordination, the current deployment locations of offshore employees are documented in real time and visualized on an overview map where changes can be recorded immediately. 

PTW - Permit to Work

In order to coordinate a wide variety of work requests and operations the observance of restrictions and parallel planning is necessary. The systemically adjustable release processes support the planning measures and thus facilitate the complex checks and work preparations in advance.

Dustin Schuchholz about GS-Service


We are talking about a cooperative, fair collaboration with great support. GreenGate brings a deep understanding of our operations and needs.This is necessary because offshore is challenging:
very specific dynamics have to be mapped on the system side.

Dustin Schuchholz, System administrator and user support from the department Projects / IT, Omexom Offshore



Our users report - Everyday life with GS-Service

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Powerhouse North Sea: Omexom Offshore relies on GS-Service for operation and maintenance of wind farms

The software solution of GreenGate AG is not only the leading system for the technical management and fulfillment of maintenance orders, with the integration of different wind farms, diverse operators and various third-party service providers, GS-Service also represents the preferred digital platform for the 'Labour Market Offshore North Sea'.

Case Study | Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore GmbH >

Case Study |  EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH ˃

Workforce management onshore and offshore: WindMW manages offshore wind farms with GS-Service and GS-Mobile

Doing this job, you just have to be qualified. As a service technician maintaining offshore wind energy facilities, you’ll need more than just being seaworthy or free from giddiness. Apart from knowledge about electronics, machineengineering or hydraulics, certificates and additional qualifications like a clean bill of health, first aid- and climbing know-how as well as helicopter crash landing training etc. are essential. Operating the wind parks Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost, WindMW GmbH has deposed all information of 70 offshore technicians in the system – the workforce management system GS-Service, which went live on September 1, 2014 to manage the areas of engineering, personnel and maintenance.

Case study | WindMW GmbH ˃

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