Software for wind energy

Scheduling, task processing of the technicians, warehouse management and transport means deployment

Action Management Software

for off- and on-shore wind parks.


Maintaining spatially distributed wind energy plants, ensuring operations without disruptions and organizing management costs efficiently: GS-Service supports wind energy plant operators in their manifold tasks.

It enables you to benefit from the action management software in operational planning and task editing, storage management and deployment of means of transport.

Engineering and servicing tasks for off- and on-shore wind parks are highly complex in their realization and subsequent operation in such a way they demand the introduction of a maintenance planning software. This software should be able to initiate and map the different actions. At the same time, a software solution for action management needs to reflect the specific requirements of the industry and offer best possible support in resource planning and execution as well as documentation of service deployments.

Wind Park Meerwind

We accompany the wind park “Meerwind Süd/Ost” in their plant management with our GS-Service action management software.

Each component is embedded in an RDS-PP structure and is therefore easily and definitively identifiable within the framework of the action management. Additionally, every action is allocated to a component part of the wind energy plant.

Facts and figures

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Wind turbines

up to 2000

Installed components per plant

GS-Service as Action Management Software

Wind Energy Task Management and Deployment Planning

During operation, status messages are generated via the central control system, which result in a troubleshooting task for example. These tasks require a high priority in the daily planning. Recurring inspections and troubleshooting tasks that have already been scheduled are also available.

A wind farm quickly accumulates several hundred tasks that need to be processed. The site manager, or dispatcher, is responsible for determining which repairs and maintenance are to be carried out specifically on the next day and in the next few days. He has to consider all necessary parameters in the task management.

A controlled and good overview of available technicians and teams, available spare parts and means of transport enable efficient deployment planning as well as profitable task management. Due to the large number of plants, the site manager must also keep an eye on the spatial distribution of the employees so that travel times are kept as short as possible and the sequence of operations is carried out in the most economical way.


EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH

The construction and operation of an offshore wind farm is an immensely complex task, where it is important to optimally coordinate numerous spatially distributed processes. And this is where the appropriate software helps.

Sitting in Oldenburg his thoughts are out in the middle of the Riffgat offshore wind farm in the German North Sea, about nine miles northwest of the island of Borkum. He is aware of the exact location of each ship and helicopter and which service employee is working on which offshore wind turbine. His name is Torsten Mleziva and he works in the 24/7 operational control centre at EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH (EWE OSS), which operates several offshore wind farms like Riffgat.

Case study | EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH ˃

WindMW GmbH

Workforce management onshore and offshore: WindMW manages offshore wind farms with GS-Service and GS-Mobile

Doing this job, you just have to be qualified. As a service technician maintaining offshore wind energy facilities, you’ll need more than just being seaworthy or free from giddiness. Apart from knowledge about electronics, machineengineering or hydraulics, certificates and additional qualifications like a clean bill of health, first aid- and climbing know-how as well as helicopter crash landing training etc. are essential. Operating the wind parks Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost, WindMW GmbH has deposed all information of 70 offshore technicians in the system – the workforce management system GS-Service, which went live on September 1, 2014 to manage the areas of engineering, personnel and maintenance.

Case study | WindMW GmbH ˃

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