Make things look simple | The productive web application for your processes.

GS-Web - The Productive Web Application for Your Processes.

Processes in companies are complex enough, you don't need to add to it by using a complicated software. GS-Web's focus is clearly on the simple and transparent display, e.g. processing of required data from the maintenance and servicing process, from planning to documentation and controlling. Surf the wave with us!

Our web application stands for easy deployment and the opportunity to be used from any platform. Data security is our top priority when it comes to analysing results or editing tasks, no matter if it is a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. In this way, GS-Web can also be used as a portal to involve or provide insight to external service providers or customers.


GS-Web is the central point of contact for task management, event reports or analysing data and processes. Provision of documents is just as easy as mobile recording of objects and their respective attributes. Mobile clients are all enabled to make use of important scanning technologies, such as barcodes, QR codes and NFC/RFID tags.

Voice messages, documentation videos or uploading photos of damages become a simple and  minor matter. The user interface allows for comprehensive configuration choices to be set by the administrator, so every user can be provided with the fitting content based on their roles. User authorisations determine the visibility of objects, employees and resources. Accessing warehouse management can be regimented just as well as accessing relevant documents.

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