Workforce Management for Providers and Disposers

Workforce management and operations management

Workforce Management for Providers and Disposers

Using our software GS-Service for workforce management enables you to skillfully unite functions for planning, documentation and organisation. GS-Service puts you in a position to lower running costs, ensure a low-interference mains operation and control your work processes optimally.

As a network provider, you have to comply with numerous rules and regulations and ensure provision security of your network at the same time. It is important to avoid incidents and resolve them as soon as possible. Additionally, optimisation of operations and assignments, including staff deployment organisation, are in your hands.

Workforce Management Software – Range of Applications

Our workforce management software benefits you in a various range of applications. GS-Service is suited for the following industries:

  • Network operators for gas, water, power and district heating
  • Water resources management (sewage, reservoirs)
  • Meter reading, house connection management
  • Public lighting
  • Incident management
  • Industrial plants
  • Wind farms

Your Benefit

Workforce Management Software

  • Efficient organisation of operational and maintenance processes through needs-based capacity planning
  • Reduction of reaction times in case of an incident
  • Implementation of legal requirements, guidelines and standards
  • Ensuring plant operational safety


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