We digitalise.

  • Binding project management

  • Intelligent interfaces

  • Integration of all relevant sub-areas into a sustainable overall system

The digitalisation of processes

is our core competence.

Our customers' requirements for software and the associated processes are as individual as their workflows, methods and processes as well as their equipment and facilities.

We know this from having been in the project business for more than 20 years.

Our performance promise is:

  • Binding project management
  • Intelligent interface
  • Integration of all relevant sub-areas into a sustainable overall system


  • Consulting, conception and project planning of customised work processes and services
  • Delivery and installation
  • Testing and commissioning of the software
  • Ongoing control and documentation of the measures
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Support hotline

The immense experience of our employees and the wide range of software and services enable us to meet a wide variety of requests - and to give you exactly what you need for your processes: software that is exclusively geared to you - even in the planning stage. With an application that is individually tailored to your needs, increasing process efficiency as well saving time and money in the long-term.

Agile project management

IT projects for maintenance management, technical operations management and workforce-management pose major tasks for everyone involved.

The introduction of new software or the modification of existing software moves between the conflicting priorities of financial, legal and functional challenges, with the trend in this area moving towards agile project methods.

Classic project management versus an agile approach for IT projects

The different project management approaches each have their own advantages as well as risks. This makes it all the more difficult to choose an appropriate approach when an IT solution is to be introduced.

A classic approach (V-model, waterfall) may make sense in one project, but lead to failure in another. Therefore, the decision should depend on the respective project.


Dynamic project environment

The classic project management approach, with its relatively static structures, already defines the goal to be achieved for the entire solution in the planning and specification phase. With today's mostly dynamic project environment, the advantages of agile project management become apparent.


This method assumes that IT projects - such as the introduction or modification of a maintenance software - are far too complex and multi-layered to be able to plan them completely in advance. So, the project goal is not specified down to the last detail in the planning, instead the project is developed cyclically - in so-called sprints - with a self-organising, interdisciplinary team. In these sprints, the client can from the project onset prioritise individual requirements from iteration to iteration in terms of the maintenance strategies. Sprints institutionalise feedback regarding usability, quality assurance and new requirements, which the software of the maintenance measures must fulfil.

Agile project management means

  • Developing project step by step,
  • with a self-organising, interdisciplinary team
  • in cycles (sprints).

With the result of

  • keeping the job streamlined through prioritisation
  • to quickly implement customer requests with regard to maintenance, and
  • be able to respond flexibly to changes in later project phases.

In agile project management, time and cost expenditures are precisely determined, project goals are defined and the project results are roughly outlined. Project execution proceeds cyclically in a flexible sequence of planning and development phases (sprints).

What does this mean for potential new Clients?

In order to implement these methods, it is absolutely necessary to enter into an open and continuous dialogue. GreenGate AG understands modifications that automatically result from the respective project stages as an integral part of projects and consequently as an opportunity to react to changes at an early stage in order to provide you with a tailor-made IT system.

Advantages of agile project management

  • Fast project start
  • Easy to implement, as transparent
  • Easy to handle ( less administration)
  • Easy to control ( meetings, project status reports)
  • Customer can from the start of the project express and prioritise individual tasks according to the progress of the project (scope-management)
  • Detailed specifications only when necessary
  • Use learning effects from previous project stages
  • Prompt design of functions
  • The scope and quality of the solution grows with each project stage
  • Regular retrospectives have a motivating effect


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