A Watertight Solution

Process Control Technology - A Watertight Solution

Do you require an instrument with which you can easily monitor, evaluate and control all the states of your plants? Do you want to be able to analyse important process data at any time in order to make the right decisions?

The GreenGate solution: With our process control system, you have an instrument with which you can easily record, evaluate and control all processes and conditions in your plant.

You receive the right data for the right decision at any time. All the performance components of the process control and telecontrol technology are perfectly coordinated with each other and work together to ensure effective quality control, an efficient maintenance strategy and maximum safety.

The process control system is simply coupled to the GS-Service operations management system via OPC UA and thus offers the ability to read machine data such as controlled variables, measured values and parameters and thus react to operating-hour-dependent messages, malfunction events and automatically generate a corresponding task to be rectified by a technician.


  • Function modules of the process control system
  • Operating and fault message system
  • Balancing of consumption and flow rates
  • Detailed data acquisition and powerful reporting system
  • High-quality visualisation of process sequences
  • Creation of fault and maintenance logs
  • Intelligent alarm and safety concept
  • Energy optimisation systems to reduce operating costs
  • Simple coupling through OPC UA to the operational management system


For the operation of your systems, the easy operability in the familiar office environment, the problem-free integration into existing automation and EDP environments and the cost-effective overall performance round off our portfolio.

GreenGate AG is a certified AQASYS Solution Provider of the  Schraml GmbH.

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