Mobile Servicing to Increase Efficiency in Companies

Mobile Servicing to Increase Efficiency in Companies

The progressing digitisation comes with comprehensive developments for mobile task handling. Especially when being in the field you can benefit from these developments. You are looking for a servicing solution that allows for digitizing your company's processes while still granting you the best possible security?

Our mobile solutions elevate your maintenance processes to the state of the art of technology by embedding all modern techniques such as QR Codes, barcodes, NFC, voice messaging as well as photo and video aided documentation. Chatbots and AR-technology, as well as networking both, open up extensive new opportunities for everyday working practices in companies.  Data can be recorded and provided to others for analysis independently from space and time. On top of that, fault liability can be decreased substantially when using digital systems.

Mobile Servicing with GreenGate: Efficient, Flexible, Secure

GreenGate provides you with different solutions for mobile servicing in GS-Mobile, GS-Works and GS-Touch, which make everyday working routines in your company easier.
Our mobile servicing solutions impart you with flexibility, efficiency and security.

No matter whether it is about quick information availability or legally certain and lasting documentation of work orders – our mobile applications grant you high performance for your maintenance processes.

Mobile Servicing: New Solutions for Old Problems

Employing mobile servicing solutions by GreenGate unbars higher flexibility in the conduct of your working processes. Using portable devices you can access the system at any time, enabling tasks to be completed wherever you are.  We see GS-Service as a digital system for your order documentation and feedback as a milestone in mobile order entry.

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