Occupational Safety

Prevention of occupational accidents and health protection

Occupational safety - managing and documenting key occupational health and safety issues

Prevention of occupational accidents and health protection

The management of occupational safety is one of the indispensable support processes of a company. With GS-Service, in cooperation with ARQUS, we offer a comprehensive solution for managing and documenting central occupational safety topics.


  • Risk assessment and resulting preventive measures.
  • Regular instruction and training of employees at all levels of the company (e.g. in the topics: Operating equipment, fire and explosion protection, PPE, hazardous materials, environmental protection, hygiene, energy).
  • Audits and certificates
  • Verification of legal compliance (compliance check)
  • Management systems for occupational safety (SCC, ISO 45.001, behaviour-oriented occupational safety)
  • Planning and procurement of equipment, plant and PPE
  • Safety inspections (e.g. of plants, gates, doors, ladders, steps and electrical equipment)

20 Awakening


In fact, even nowadays, where the principle of compromise is flourishing amazingly, there are still tangible either-or scenarios:


The complexes of occupational health and safety are undoubtedly among them. Either one is fully on board or legally beyond any ability to discuss. This means: The comfort zone was yesterday.

We - the 20-year young GreenGate AG - deal with the topic bundle "internal security" from the data and process side.

Our cooperation partner ARQUS brings the necessary consulting and implementation know-how and highly trained manpower to implement a sustainable approach to this legal and social landmine. Doesn't that sound tempting?

20 Awakening ... in Terms of occupational Safety(German)

All measures to improve occupational safety are carried out individually in cooperation with those responsible in the companies. In a workshop lasting several days, the topics are worked out together in order to develop customised solutions.

Do you have questions about occupational safety?

For questions on the subject of occupational safety

please do not hesitate to contact Mr Michael Jeschor.

E-mail: m.jeschor@greengate.de

Tel.: +49 2243 92307 18

In addition, we can provide the following company representatives for the topic of occupational safety:

  • Waste management officer
  • Immission control officer
  • Water protection officer
  • Major accidents officer
  • Dangerous goods officer

Link to the ARQUS engineering office (www.arqus.eu)

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