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Board of Directors: Frank Lagemann

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The trademark "GreenGate" is registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office with the registration number 300 08 562. Use of the websites and product liability.

The information on this website and the products and services described in this information may be changed or updated by GreenGate AG at any time without prior notice. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the websites of GreenGate AG contain no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including warranties as to the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and quality of the information.

GreenGate AG accepts no liability in connection with its websites. Liability for any direct or indirect damage, claims for damages, consequential damage of any kind and on any legal grounds whatsoever arising from your access to or use of the web pages, in particular also from the infection of your computer environment with viruses, is excluded. The contractual agreements concluded in respect of the products and services of GreenGate AG, including the General Terms and Conditions of GreenGate AG, are exclusively decisive for the establishment of and compliance with obligations and the liability of GreenGate AG for its products and services.


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Privacy Protection

GreenGate AG would like to give you as much control over your personal data as possible.

Generally, you can visit our website without providing any information about yourself. In individual cases, however, we require your name and/or address. If such personal information is required, we will inform you of this in advance. If you decide to provide us with personal information via the Internet so that we can, for example, correspond with you, carry out orders or process subscriptions, you will be clearly informed of what we will do with this information. Under no circumstances will we make this data available to third parties. If you request us not to use this data for further contact, we will respect your request. In addition, only data relating to the date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the name of the Internet service provider and the website from which the user accessed the GreenGate AG websites will be stored. GreenGate AG uses this data to measure website activity, to compile statistics and to improve the services and information provided by the websites. Personal data of the user, for the use of which the user has given consent, will only be used to process an enquiry or in the context in which consent has been given and in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. GreenGate AG will never pass this data on to other companies for their independent use. GreenGate AG will not make data (personal or non-personal) available to any company for independent use.

Gender-sensitive language

Exclusively for the purpose of better comprehensibility and readability, a consistent and explicitly gender-neutral spelling is used. All personal terms on the website (and all integrated documents) are to be understood as gender-neutral and therefore do not represent discrimination against the female/third gender. The home of professional IT solutions for maintenance and operational management does not exclude anybody. Everyone is welcome at home! Furthermore, GreenGate AG endeavors to further develop the language form used in accordance with the recommendations of the Council for German Orthography and the Society for German Language e. V.

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