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Workforce management, maintenance or asset management: we know the relevant processes and have the know-how to digitalise them. GreenGate's strong team has more than 20 years of experience in development and implementation of high quality software solutions in Switzerland and Germany.

Our broad knowledge and experience is backed by hundreds of use cases and more than 4.500 satisfied users in industry, providers and disposers and service providers. GreenGate has already received more than 20 awards by renowned institutions and has been involved in collaborative research projects with industry and science throughout the last 16 years.

For us, research and practice are complementary and identify GreenGate as key contact no. 1 regarding the digitalisation of processes in workforce management, maintenance and asset management.

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Maintenance management

Maintenance as an economic factor is of increasing importance. Using GreenGate's software solutions allows you to optimise your maintenance management sustainably and opens up new cost saving potentials.

These are our key areas of expertise

Referenzen den Branche Ver- und Entsorger

Providers and Disposers

Referenzen der Branchen Windenergie

Wind Energy

Referenzen der Branche Industrie


Referenzen der Branche Servicedienstleister

Service Providers

Substantial savings opportunities are unlocked in various areas by using optimised maintenance, particularly in:

  • Time
  • Human resources
  • Warehouse management
  • Incident management