Service Provider

Organization, processing and documentation of your service orders towards your customers.

Service Provider

Industrial Management as a Service.

Our solutions and products support you as a service provider in organisation, conduct and documentation of your servicing orders towards your customers.

Use the opportunities of GS-Service as a comprehensive servicing tool in your daily work We support you in all processes with fitting solutions, starting with incoming service orders to work preparation and dispatch. Offer insight to your customers into scheduled and completed work orders with a clearly structured web portal. Keeping appointments becomes the standard by planning team dispatches with optimised route planning for cost reduction. Taking into account the deployment of special vehicles and tools as well as qualifications and abilities of the service workers and the keeping of engagements are decisive in automatic planning.

Keeping an Eye on Your Customers

Handling of servicing orders takes place in a spatial relation to the assets of the customers. Planned servicing orders, fault clearance and distribution support are effected in a simple map view. 

GS-Service as work management for service providers

  • Planning of servicing orders
  • Dispatch and work scheduling with consideration for materials and resources
  • Easy checklists for work documentation
  • Service provider portal for inspection of servicing orders
  • Scheduled operations and fault clearances
  • Integrated document management system (DMS)


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